J.L. Wood

Joey L. Wood was born in Houston, Texas. As a child she enjoyed writing and learning about potential life outside of Earth although it wasn’t until much later in life that she paired the two subjects. She would spend many school nights looking up at the stars with her father while her dog, a Rottweiler named Roxanne, would cuddle close to her. She loved writing horror stories. She received her first computer through a writing competition and although she wasn’t old enough to fully utilize, she did play the hell out of the Oregon Trail.
She attended the University of Houston where she studied psychology and anthropology. After graduating, Joey put her degree to use by doing something else entirely – IT. After traveling the U.S. for years with her faithful companion Nikki, she decided to settle down in Georgia, finally giving her dog a permanent home and backyard. It was then that Joey decided to focus more on her writing.
Today Joey lives with three dogs, Nikki, Django, and Skiddy, and her husband, Michael outside of Atlanta, Georgia. When not writing, Joey can be found either immersed in video games or completing jigsaw puzzles on the dining table.
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